07 February 2011

A Nonsensical Poem

rivers are shallow
lakes are deep
and oceans an eternity below

the more you talk
the less you learn
the faster you wont know

the foolish thoughts of many men
did fall upon the sky
and battered down those big rain clouds
and made them feel all shy

why we speak in so few tongues
is mystery been solved
we have two cheeks the size they are
where just one tongue evolved

Go forth madame and see the world
To bring back knowledge fresh
For sirs and sires see the truth
In more than just your flesh

Be free my darling
as cognition does dissolve
and fall into a peaceful slumber
where hardships are absolved

The the tidy seas will make a mess
until your bold return
Thunder crows atop the mast
while seabirds scorn and spurn