30 April 2010

Eleven secret herbs and spices.

First off, I would like to address the controversy that has been circulating among my adoring followers: What you are in fact reading is a 'blarg'.

I will address any further questions by way of a short reading from The Blargonicals:

Let there be LIGHT
And the blargoverse was lit.

[from The Blargonicles 1:1]

So I've got this new insane place called a blarg... or blahg... or some would mistake if for a 'blog'. It's basically a place where i can write insane things and they will seem normal. This is because A) this blarg is insane, and B) Because hardly anyone reads it. Context is everything. (You have to know this if you are a squirrel, they talk about nuts all the time)

In other news, the secret to happiness was recently discovered by a team of scientists in Switzerland. Their research involved extensive testing in the fields good food, regular physical activity, isolation from difficult tasks, alcohol and the company of the opposite sex. The research institution funding the project has been unavailable as yet to elaborate on any findings.

In an interview with one of the research team, Mr Gustav made the following comment "It is like 11 secret herbs and spices... you can make it yourself, but if it is not secret, it is not the same". Without further explanation and after removing his left shoe, Mr Gustav left the interview.

More on this report as it becomes avaliable.

Tune in again this time tomorrow morning for the latest update on pandas and such. Goodnight!

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