19 December 2010

Message in a bottle

Dear Reader,

I had always hoped to find a certain something, a particular thing which no man or woman had ever seen before. As I grew old my travels in search of this thing were further and further abroad. It was to be my last trip, the most daring and dangerous, in which I finally found what I was looking for;

Travel as far east on a flat world as you can. Travel over the rolling hills, beyond the horizon of the the sand whipped desert, sail across the entire ocean to the edge of the world... and don't stop there. Peer over the edge if you dare as the lightning arches around the edge of the world. Await three strokes of thunder and the raging maelstroms will claw your ship below the water... and to the world on the other side.

Behold the ocean of quicksand, and the land of ice, the frozen negative of the world above. Here is the domain of magic, where it flows like diamonds in the wind to make life of its own. No star in the sky is still and move as if they were fireworks in slow motion. See the flocks of purple birds slither through the sky and pick at the glistening fish stumbling over the ocean ripples. Stare in awe at the majestic roots of the aqua-blue trees which hang from the dark sky's auroras. Festive shadows dance beneath the glowing leaves and laugh among the moonlight beams.

Find your way to the largest tree in the land, the one that reaches all the way to the snowy ground. Climb the staircase of silver rail, cut into its branches. And come at last to the city of roots, atop the starstruck night sky. Here you will find the city of fair people who live in peace and harmony. Each maiden more fair and each man more strong and handsome than those from where you came. Here the magic provided for all, and life was devoted to the betterment of the self and others and all. Of such beauty was their city that it would make a hard sailor weep.

A utopia was what I searched for. A utopia was what I found. But as I realize now I have come to live among these people, I have not found what I should have been looking for: A utopia in my own world.

Yours in truth,

An old man who found his dream

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