22 April 2011

Hello Traveler

Hello reader

Whoever you are, welcome. Welcome to my blog. You know it's great to have you here... I don't get many visitors. Take a seat! make yourself at home, you can even put your feet up! There is a warm fire and its ever so cold outside. Would you like a hot drink? I have anything you like in the pantry...

So while the kettle's on the fire... tell me, where are you from? Are you from Canada? Australia? America? You know I've even heard there even some Japanese and Indian people who make it through these parts. The internet's great like that isn't it! It doesn't matter where we are from because we are all from "The Internet".

Wherever you are from you sure look well traveled! -- Not in a bad way that is! you look great! The wisdom of the world has rubbed off on you. You have an experienced and knowledgeable look about you. In fact, you look as though you've been all over the world just today! Submarine cables and Trans-Atlantic spaceflights are the very best ways to travel!

You wouldn't believe the stories I hear! Every so often I get a visitor who tells me all about the world. Just last month someone showed me a picture of a river that runs underwater! -- Some lake in Mexico with an odd high salinity river that ebbs along the bottom of a lake as if it was a separate body of water. On another occasion, a gentleman told me of a cave made of giant white crystals that stand taller than a man! And all sorts of other discoveries and news... Did you know there is a jellyfish that can grow to the size of two meters across!

I must say that is been lovely to have you here. Any time you happen to be in the neighborhood don't hesitate to stop by! I keep my pantry well stocked.

Goodbye and good luck on your travels!

See you again some time soon.

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