08 May 2010

To sail over the edge of the world.

At this point, the ship was moving so fast that even the gulls could not keep up. The sails flutter violently behind the mast and in the distance the coastline slips away as if the gigantic blue expanse of the sky was squashing it into the sea.

the reader feels uneasy and grips the railing with both hands.

With a sharp lurch as if hitting a large wave on the flat water, the ship separates from the water.

Peering over the edge into the clear green water, rapidly falling away, the reader can see the hull-sails. Encrusted with barnacles and resembling large whale fins, they unfold into full span. Like gigantic wings they spread out to catch the rising currents of magic over the sea.

As the lazy green waves become ripples, the islands in the distance reappear in the misty blue distance, then again fall back over the horizon. The clouds turn from cotton wool to cold wet smoke then back again. The green ocean below fades to blue and the blue above fades to black.

The stars! They shine as the reader has not seen them before. As a blind man with newly restored vision, the reader stares in wonder.

this is where we have traveled, so far from our home. To sails over the edge of the world.

The darkness is vast and empty and harsh and cold and the reader can feel its expanse. Had to be here to realize it. The journey was not to see this nothingness...

As the ship sails ever higher, the reader turns to look at the blue globe below. "We needed to come all the way out here to see what we could not see beneath our own feet. Our home. All of us. Our home."

next post will be a comprehensive 10 step guide to fabricating spelling and grammar mistakes into practical building materials reliable enough to construct household furniture.

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