28 May 2010

Infinity subtract infinity = ??

Infinity has a strange effect on statistics. No matter how unlikely something is, given infinite chances to happen, it will happen. Nothing is infinite though right?

Lets for a moment consider the universe to be infinite. We don't know it isn't.

That means, that since the beginning of the universe, in a world identical to this one, a person exactly like me has written this same blog at least once before. And in fact, someone identical to you read this same blog once before.

At another time in another place, there must have been a world like this one with just one thing different. Perhaps your identical twin on that planet has two extra freckles on their neck. Or perhaps "two minute noodles" were actually branded "3 minute noodles". (as they should be in this world)

In fact, there must have been an occasion, where two worlds exactly the same developed within traveling distance of each other. The inhabitants from one world must have landed on the other and a planet and discovered their twin counterparts. That must have been awkward. Anyone ever checked on the other side of the sun for a planet just like earth orbiting in the same path? And if they found anything... would they tell us or keep it a secret?

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