15 June 2010

And now for something compleatly different

What does it look like if you stand on the inside of a spherical mirror?

Perhaps one of the most asked questions that people have is; "Whats so funny about a chicken crossing a road?". The metaphysical argument transcends explanation. The only remaining discussion can be based on "why isn't it funny?". Which is of course, in it's self, laughable.

I had two separate dreams about eating McDonalds this week. I love it when my dreams and aspirations are so deeply and repeatedly satisfied for $4.50 a time. Oh yes. In every other dirty meaning as well. And your mom.

I designed a kit that converts a pig into a remote control helicopter. Press crtl+alt+delete to Pre-order now!

If you feed seagulls bi-carb they explode-- Its true.

Wait... there's one more...

but i lost it...

Maybe if you stay long enough it will turn up?

It was ever so good...

oh well...

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