07 June 2010

Winding path

I take you down a winding path,
Of bright-lit buildings 'neath night sky,
Where celebrations cast their joy,
To show you things you'd never spy.

The velvet sky that glitters,
As I lie back in the canoe,
One hand with chips and fritters,
The other arm for you.

A gust of cool, a gush of warm,
The flutter of the ropes and basket,
Beneath the curvey crimson bulge,
We sway above the world.

With wings of steel and lungs of fire,
We plunge towards the clouds,
And as butterflies take flight within,
We rise toward the ground.

... Run out of rhyme juice ...

1 comment:

  1. A poem just for me? You're too kind!

    But seriously, nice words here :)


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