16 October 2010

Deep cool

It happens quickly: It begins at the tips of your toes, at the tips of your fingers, then slams through your body to the core. It takes your entire conscious thought away for that brief moment as you slide gracefully into the deep cool of the water.

Hard, cold and algae-smooth; the rock presses on the arches of your feet as they slide of against the bottom of the pond. From around your skin, crystal shards brush against you to shimmering surface, bubbles like a pain of glass shattering in reversed time.

Pause a moment and open your eyes... See the sun's blurry columns dance in deep green cool, and feel your subconscious recall the memories of your blood... Once, you were at home in the water. Then you returned only to hunt for food. Now you return just to feel its comfortable embrace... unaware of why.

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