23 September 2010

Finger Painting The world

Its kinda like finger painting you know: You take a powerful emotion, place it on the paper in front of you, and poke it with your pencil. If it takes a little while to get going that's ok. Just don't give up on it yet.

Sometimes it will spill out a colour, sometimes a smell, sometimes a sound. Perhaps it will breath out memories of another time. Sometimes it produces rhythm, sometimes it produces rhyme. It can trickle down with imagery as thick and ripe as honey. It might even expel an absolutely extra-ordinarily amazing hyperbole.

Once you have coated your page with its inspiration, take your pencil and paint some words onto the paper underneath. When you feel that that it is done, It begins to bubble and froth. Until it rises as a cloud of condensation into the upper atmosphere leaving your creation behind. The cloud cools down again, and in the right conditions when it rains, the collective inspiration of the world produces a rainbow on the horizon. Inspiration pours down again on all those who see it and the cycle begins again.

Some people use paper and pencil. Some people use a shovel and dirt. Some people use a hammer and wrench. Some people use numbers and math... And sometimes... sometimes we all look up to see the beauty of the world around us what and at what others have created. Inspirations and ideas to produce great things are all around us.

What can you create? Can you create a better future? Maybe you already are.

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