30 September 2010


So what if it's really obvious? In fact that's a great way to forget how special something is: See it around you all the time and eventually you don't see it anymore.
Did you know, that if you put a seed in the ground, it will grow into a plant?
Of course you do. But when last did you ever do that? For me, it was back in primary school for a biology project.

Recently I planted some chilli seeds. Today the little green leaves came up out of the ground. Isn't that amazing though? I mean... when I started on my goal to grow these plants it was like "I'm just gonna produce me some chillies..." But then after waiting for about a week, when the little leaves popped out the ground it was like "Holy crap! MY BABIES!"

It got me thinking though... its kinda like when you order something from amazon: you know its coming... you don't know when.... but you know its going to take a while. Then when it arrives it is really exiting and even though you didn't order anything particularly amazing it is now your prized possession.

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