08 September 2010

Keeper of the Universe

Dear diary, (223rd entry January 6th 2009)

I'm having trouble remembering when it started now. It was almost like a dream. As if I was leaning too far over the edge of reality. I felt that sickening lurch in my stomach as I lost balance and fell over the edge. It happened slowly. Like a car coming to a slow stop at the lights, that final jerk as the brakes catch tight.

I was with Curt and Linda walking home from the mall. She was explaining to him the finer points of what she was calling "manners" in a loud sarcastic voice. Curt's frown looked one part ashamed and two parts defensive. He would never give up without an argument though. He was very stubborn about his xbox habits.

I remember felt a bit left out of the conversation so I walked a short way in front. Curt had begun his well rehearsed explanation about how his 'xbox time' was a time when he was not to be disturbed.

I didn't notice the silence, but the sound faded so gradually. When I got to the end of the path I hesitated. There was complete silence. The no sound of cars in the distance, no flutter of the wind in my ears, no gentle sway of the trees... I turned and saw Curt and Linda way behind... frozen, as if caught in a photograph.

Time stopped. I don't understand why I didn't stop too. It felt like leaving behind your shadow. Like Peter Pan. Leaving the world behind like Peter Pan's shadow.

Ironic, is it not? That I should be caught in a single moment growing ever older, While Peter Pan is without aging. Both having left our shadows behind.

Dear diary, (224th entry January 6th 2009)

It has been some time since my last entry.......

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